Data Centre Physical Security Assessments

In addition to the wide range of security services we are able to offer our customers, we are also proud to be able to share our recognised expertise in the physical security of data centres that we have developed.

With almost 100 reviews of data centres and other technical installations across Europe to our credit, we can confidentally offer our independent assessment to meet your specific requirements - whether as a data centre operator requiring accreditation assessment for ISO/IEC certification, meeting customer, regulatory or legislative demands or internal audit, or a data centre customer requiring pre-contractual due diligance sign-off or routine assessment as part of a periodic review regime.

We do not believe in 'check-sheet security' - there are simply too many complex and interacting factors involved for that approach to provide meaningful results.  Instead, we examine all aspects affecting physical security including obstructive measures (such as fences, gates, walls, windows and doors), technical measures (CCTV, lighting, access control, intruder detection systems), policies, personnel (both security- and non-security staff), and most importantly we examine the effective interaction between these individual measures.  Detailed reporting is also available to meet customer needs, as is advice and assistance to address or mitigate unacceptable risk and post-remediation reassessment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your indivdual requirements in detail.